emotional eater

27 01 2008

We all know that losing weight isn’t about just working out. It also has to do with eating right. We all get that, I know. A bit of honesty here…. I am an emotional eater. I didn’t gain this large bit of insulation due to following in love with food late in life. I ate my way through difficult times these past couple years. So this year isn’t just going to be about will power on the trail or treadmill, it’s also going to be about hitting the roots of why I turn to food late at night when I am lonely, hurt, or sad.




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27 01 2008
Tim Wilson

I am with you – it was not my biggest weakness, but was one none the less. A biggest thing for me was to eat often. The more often I ate, the less I felt like I needed food to comfort. Eat often and with fewer calories at each time.

Keep it up!

28 01 2008
Greg on the Run

Ran across your blog from Abi’s Couch to 5K. Welcome to the blogosphere. Love the videos.

I can eat emotionally, too. I’m still combatting it even after doing some heavy duty dieting during the past year. At times I’ll thin I’m doing pretty well – starting to see food as fuel and then bam-it pops me in the face.

Don’t be discouraged when the rough parts come. You won’t change your eating habits overnight. It will take time but as you can continue to exercise, you will begin view food differently.

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