The Week of Cross training

31 01 2008

On top of our 4 days of running, my wife and I decided to add some days on. Like I mentioned before, we started Yoga. We plan on doing that twice a week. We went to Yoga class tonight prior to “Lost”, and I can see myself actually sticking to this class.


But my title wouldn’t be too accurate if my only cross training was Yoga, now would it? Well, tomorrow, my friend Aaron and I, are heading up the highway to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and going Snowshoeing. For those who don’t know, it seems like hiking in the snow, with weird shoes that make you think of Eskimos. I’m excited. I love hiking. The mountains are beautiful. And getting away, out of the city, is always relaxing. Check back, tomorrow night, for hopefully some beautiful photos.

If I don’t make it back alive, thanks for all your support. Aaron should be able to keep alive for a while. He is a rugged dude, he is a firefighter, and he plenty of meat (my butt) to feed on.




3 responses

1 02 2008
Tim Wilson

From what I have heard, snowshoeing is a great workout too!

Have fun, those times are always nice – to get away!

1 02 2008

Hey, does your church have a website? Sorry, I know its not related to the post!

1 02 2008
Eric Gervase

Can’t wait to hear your weigh-in this week… You’ve been a monster.

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