week 5

3 02 2008

Okay… enough crying. So I didn’t lose weight this back week. I wasn’t expecting an 60lb January. I am in this for the duration of the year.

This week we are scheduled to run 2.5 miles, 4 times, yoga twice, and I am going snowshoeing again on Friday. But with the encouragement of my wife, I am taking the next step in my battle to rid myself of my fat shell. This week I will be making appointments to see 4 different personal trainers and figure out which one I will be seeing on a regular basis. Here are the four in question:

  1. Fitness Together
  2. Fit Trainer 1on1
  3. Tranzform
  4. Velocity Sports Performance



3 responses

5 02 2008
Rob Johnson

Hello My name is Rob Johnson and I am the Owner of Fitness Together- Fresno. I came across this blog and thought it would be a good idea for me to introduce myself.

I would like to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities of Fitness Together helping you achieve your Fitness Goals. At Fitness Together we specialize in catering to clients that want Exclusive 1-on-1 fitness training. Our clients are trained by Certified and Experienced Professional Fitness Trainers in Fully Equipped Private Training Suites.

Give me a call and we will discuss in futher Detail.

Rob Johnson
Owner of Fitness Together- Fresno

5 02 2008

crazyiness. For you didn’t know Rob just left a comment and I had already had an appointment to see him. Small world..

6 02 2008

Rob’s off to a great start – I am curious how much something like this costs? There are boot camp trainers here in st louis and they get together everymorning.. but i would rather run with the ipod really loud! (so i cant hear myself lol)

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