a busy week, ending in some weight loss

10 02 2008

My schedule is definety getting hectic, but unlike my blog postings, my workouts haven’t been skipped. A small rundown of last week:

  1. Ran 2.5 miles 4 times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)
  2. Strength Training on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday’s workouts were with a personal trainer. I think I will be hiring Tuesday’s trainer on a permanent, twice a week, schedule.
  3. Went Long Boarding on Friday for a few miles
  4. Helped my Aunt Move into an upstairs apartment.


So today, I weighed in today. As you can see, I lost .9lbs. Not really what I wanted or expected, but it was a loss none the less. Also, I lost 2.5 inches this past week. Once I start with the trainer, he is going to put me on a nutrition plan, and I am hoping that will keep me going down the scale.

By the way, I am tracking my progress on weight loss and inches is being kept at gimme20.com. You can see my profile here.




4 responses

10 02 2008
Aunt Cyndi

Tim, your graphic goes over the words….so we can’t read everything đŸ˜¦

10 02 2008

not sure what you are referring to but everything looks fine on my computer.

10 02 2008
Tim Wilson

Great job!

I think it is funny that the scale is called BEFOUR, you are going to have to get a new scale before too long that says AFTER!

Keep it up!!

12 02 2008
Aunt Cyndi

Must be my computer at school….sorry!

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