Goodbye 250….. 240 here I come

16 02 2008

This morning my wife and I hit the trails at a pretty cool park we have here in town. I didn’t feel up to working out today. I felt pretty discouraged from a past week of rough runs. Anyhow, my wife and I derived a plan of allowing there other person a 5 second head start and then we would sprint until we caught the person who had the head start. Make since? It was a great way for my wife to kick my butt, and she did. It was a type of speed work and it was very enjoyable. We ran around 3.5 miles in total.

On our way home from the run, the wife wanted to weigh in. I didn’t. I knew it was Saturday, and we usually weigh in today, however, I was pretty sure I gained this week. I asked if we could postpone our weigh in till tomorrow. She didn’t budge. I stepped on the scale, figuring at least a gain of a pound, but not this week. I weighed in at 248.7! I lost 2.1 lbs! I am so excited right now I could eat a whole pizza…. that’s probably not the best of ideas. I will stick with a protein shake.

Next weight in my sights is 240!



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16 02 2008

Nice Job! I just broke under 240 myself. I started at about 275 over a year ago. I have been running for about a year now, I did a sprint triathlon and I have a marathon scheduled for the end of May. I expected more weight loss by now but didn’t do much specifically to lose weight. I’m now on a weight loss program and have lost 13 pounds since Jan 1.

Keep going and we’ll both get to where we want to be.

17 02 2008

Thanks James, and good luck in your training for the marathon.

17 02 2008
Tim Wilson

Congrats on hitting the 240’s and a good run!

18 02 2008
Eric Gervase

Man… You are fast. I thought I was fast. But, 24:30 goal this early. I’m impressed.

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