not much, but nonetheless

25 02 2008

This evening we weighed in. It wasn’t much of a loss, but a loss nonetheless. It was a couple days late and in the evening rather than our usual morning weigh in, but I still lost. I lost a half a pound. It wasn’t the loss I was hoping, but as long as my weight keeps dropping I am happy. I weighed in at 248.2lbs.

My Graph



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26 02 2008
Aunt Cyndi

Tim, do you think the beer may be adding to the slow weight loss?

26 02 2008

I am not making any short term choices. The choices I am making are ones that I am comfortable making on a more long term basis. I am comfortable with a couple of beers a week. After talking with my trainer this morning he thinks my slow weight loss is due to a change in body composition. It is possible to lose fat and gain muscle and not lose a pound.

26 02 2008
Aunt Cyndi

Cool. I’m glad you are feeling confident in who you are…to me that is what is important.

27 02 2008
Tim Wilson

Slow and steady – that is the way to go. Keep up the good work. I agree, make choices that you can stick with for life!

Keep up the good work!

28 02 2008
Eric Gervase

Yep… agreed on all counts. While it’s fun to lose weight fast. It really doesn’t matter how quick you lose it if you just gain it right back. Way to take the long view.

And, by the way, your smart in creating an environment that you’ll be able to maintain. I think that’s the hardest part.

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