weight loss may slow

1 03 2008

So this past Thursday, my trainer and I went over my physical fitness report. It measured everything from my body’s performance to pump oxygen through my body, body fat, flexibility and strength tests. In general, there wasn’t any surprise to fin I am way below average in my peer group. No shock there. What was surprising was that my trainer said it is possible for me to workout for the first month and see minimal weight loss. He said my goal is to change my body composition and weight will eventually fall off. He told me to not be discouraged. Of my 249.4 lbs, 185.4 was lean weight and 64 was fat weight. If I lose 20lbs of fat and gain 15lbs on muscle in my first month, my net loss will only be 5lbs. But as a result I will feel much better and my body will continue to make serious changes in losing the rest of my fat. A better look at changes to my body is the measurements I have been keep track of. I keep loosing inches. Although the number on the scale motivates me, it’s not what drives me.

With that said, I gained .5lbs this week. 248.7.



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2 03 2008
Jeff Bergman

Resveratrol can help you to lead a long and healthy life so says Dr. Oz.

Resveratrol Supplements can help you control your weight naturally
by increasing energy, reducing cravings, and limiting your appetite.
According to Wikipedia, Consumer Lab, an independent dietary
supplement and over the counter products evaluation organization,
published a report on 13 November 2007 on the popular resveratrol
supplements. The organization reported that there exists a wide range
in quality, dose, and price among the 13 resveratrol products
evaluated. The actual amount of resveratrol contained in the
different brands range from 2.2mg for Revatrol, which claimed to have
400mg of “Red Wine Grape Complex”, to 500mg for Biotivia.com Transmax,
which is consistent with the amount claimed on the product’s label.
Prices per 100mg of resveratrol ranged from less than $.30 for
products made by Biotivia.com, jarrow, and country life, to a high of
$45.27 for the Revatrol brand. None of the products tested were found
to have significant levels of heavy metals or other contaminants.

15 06 2009

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