life has been hectic; no time to overeat

15 03 2008

Sorry for the minimal posting, life has started to get really busy. Just finished midterms and the first couple weeks of my new job; life is really catching up with me. I went through about two weeks of being sick. The first week I lost my appetite and now I am using my shrunk stomach to my advantage. With all that said, I am down another 4.3lbs in a week. Weighed in at 239.9. Yep, I am now under 240lbs!




4 responses

15 03 2008

Wow, congrats on your loss and getting under 240lbs. Day to day stuff have a way of getting in the way of blogging but the important thing is that you keep eating right and exercising.

16 03 2008
Eric Gervase

Awesome.. Sounds like you are starting to get the “snowball rolling down the hill” effect.

17 03 2008
Aunt Cyndi

Congrats Tim! I wanted to say I was jealous but then I thought about how hard you worked for it and then I realized you deserved every ounce.

24 03 2008
travis spencer

you inspire me.

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