I am a fat man with aspirations of losing weight while completing a marathon. I haven’t always been this big. Just looking back at video from last  year, I was 30lbs lighter. My life has been a roller coaster this past year, and it’s taken a toll on me and my weight. I am saying Goodbye to last year, the struggles, the pain, and hopefully the weight. I am ready to overcome. I ready to fight for this goal. I will do this.

Please join in me in this journey

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25 01 2008
Tim Wilson

Good for you! You can do it if you put your mind to it. Keep the motivation!

I have lost 80 lbs in the past year, and a lot of that due to running. I am training for my first Half Marathon which I will be running in the next 3 weeks, and following that – on to a 26.2.

By the way – Do you have an RSS feed? I would like to keep track of your progress.


15 09 2008

You can do it man. I’ve lost 50lbs over the last few years and really enjoy running now. I still have 30lbs to go and I’m training for a half marathon that’s coming up in Dec. Check out http://adventuresofrussellandgreg.com. This guy has really helped me and is a huge encouragement. He lost a bunch of weight, overcome diabetes, and is now a certified running coach.

14 12 2008

Just happened to visit your web site.

I am just 5 feet tall and used to weight nearly 150 lbs.

I have started walking and running for about 1 year. But stopped in June because I had thyroidtoxicosis which made me lose over 20 lbs in three months. Losing weight is good, but the effects of thyroid storm nearly killed me.

Just had my thyroid gland removed because I had had thyroid goiters for some time.

Now, I feel stronger and have started running again. I run for at least an hour every day after work, six days a week. My body is more tone, and I feel great.

Your story is also an inspiration for me to keep running.

Thanks for the stories.

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