snowshoeing… and more…

1 02 2008

What a beautiful day to snowshoe. I love Yosemite. Unfortunately we were only able to get a 3 mile hike in because my friend’s snowshoe broke. it was just enough to wet my taste buds to snowshoeing, and I loved it. I enjoy hiking quite a bit. Snowshoeing is similar, yet their is something different about the surroundings. Something beautiful about the snow and something peaceful about being pretty much isolated from most people.

Since our hike got cut short, my wife, withdrew her support of me skipping my scheduled run today, so I also hit the gym and ran 2 miles. All I got to say is that I better get some pay off tomorrow on the scale.

I hope you enjoy the photos..

Snowshoeing - 51

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The Week of Cross training

31 01 2008

On top of our 4 days of running, my wife and I decided to add some days on. Like I mentioned before, we started Yoga. We plan on doing that twice a week. We went to Yoga class tonight prior to “Lost”, and I can see myself actually sticking to this class.


But my title wouldn’t be too accurate if my only cross training was Yoga, now would it? Well, tomorrow, my friend Aaron and I, are heading up the highway to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and going Snowshoeing. For those who don’t know, it seems like hiking in the snow, with weird shoes that make you think of Eskimos. I’m excited. I love hiking. The mountains are beautiful. And getting away, out of the city, is always relaxing. Check back, tomorrow night, for hopefully some beautiful photos.

If I don’t make it back alive, thanks for all your support. Aaron should be able to keep alive for a while. He is a rugged dude, he is a firefighter, and he plenty of meat (my butt) to feed on.

Yoga anyone?

30 01 2008

So last night Tokunbo and I went to a Yoga class that our gym offers. I have done Yoga before, specifically Bikram Yoga (yoga done in a room that is 105 temp). This was a tad bit different. My last experience with Yoga was at a location that only did Yoga, and they invested into you as a customer, last night was at our local Gym. In theory I enjoy Yoga. I would love to become more flexible. I love how you feel energized after yoga. However, I have two thoughts after last night:

  1. It’s really hard to practice yoga when the leader is speaking into a microphone and all you hear is mumbling. I found myself in weird positions having to look up to see what he was saying.
  2. Fat stomach gets in the way of stretching. At some points, it actually hurt having my stomach fold over itself 3 times over

I will continue to attend this class, and hopefully overtime my gut will become less of an issue.