life has been hectic; no time to overeat

15 03 2008

Sorry for the minimal posting, life has started to get really busy. Just finished midterms and the first couple weeks of my new job; life is really catching up with me. I went through about two weeks of being sick. The first week I lost my appetite and now I am using my shrunk stomach to my advantage. With all that said, I am down another 4.3lbs in a week. Weighed in at 239.9. Yep, I am now under 240lbs!


Week 6, Lost 4lbs!

10 03 2008

242.2lbs! So I got a haircut and I was sick for a couple days of the week but i’ll take it.

My Graph

weight loss may slow

1 03 2008

So this past Thursday, my trainer and I went over my physical fitness report. It measured everything from my body’s performance to pump oxygen through my body, body fat, flexibility and strength tests. In general, there wasn’t any surprise to fin I am way below average in my peer group. No shock there. What was surprising was that my trainer said it is possible for me to workout for the first month and see minimal weight loss. He said my goal is to change my body composition and weight will eventually fall off. He told me to not be discouraged. Of my 249.4 lbs, 185.4 was lean weight and 64 was fat weight. If I lose 20lbs of fat and gain 15lbs on muscle in my first month, my net loss will only be 5lbs. But as a result I will feel much better and my body will continue to make serious changes in losing the rest of my fat. A better look at changes to my body is the measurements I have been keep track of. I keep loosing inches. Although the number on the scale motivates me, it’s not what drives me.

With that said, I gained .5lbs this week. 248.7.

not much, but nonetheless

25 02 2008

This evening we weighed in. It wasn’t much of a loss, but a loss nonetheless. It was a couple days late and in the evening rather than our usual morning weigh in, but I still lost. I lost a half a pound. It wasn’t the loss I was hoping, but as long as my weight keeps dropping I am happy. I weighed in at 248.2lbs.

My Graph

Goodbye 250….. 240 here I come

16 02 2008

This morning my wife and I hit the trails at a pretty cool park we have here in town. I didn’t feel up to working out today. I felt pretty discouraged from a past week of rough runs. Anyhow, my wife and I derived a plan of allowing there other person a 5 second head start and then we would sprint until we caught the person who had the head start. Make since? It was a great way for my wife to kick my butt, and she did. It was a type of speed work and it was very enjoyable. We ran around 3.5 miles in total.

On our way home from the run, the wife wanted to weigh in. I didn’t. I knew it was Saturday, and we usually weigh in today, however, I was pretty sure I gained this week. I asked if we could postpone our weigh in till tomorrow. She didn’t budge. I stepped on the scale, figuring at least a gain of a pound, but not this week. I weighed in at 248.7! I lost 2.1 lbs! I am so excited right now I could eat a whole pizza…. that’s probably not the best of ideas. I will stick with a protein shake.

Next weight in my sights is 240!

a busy week, ending in some weight loss

10 02 2008

My schedule is definety getting hectic, but unlike my blog postings, my workouts haven’t been skipped. A small rundown of last week:

  1. Ran 2.5 miles 4 times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)
  2. Strength Training on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday’s workouts were with a personal trainer. I think I will be hiring Tuesday’s trainer on a permanent, twice a week, schedule.
  3. Went Long Boarding on Friday for a few miles
  4. Helped my Aunt Move into an upstairs apartment.


So today, I weighed in today. As you can see, I lost .9lbs. Not really what I wanted or expected, but it was a loss none the less. Also, I lost 2.5 inches this past week. Once I start with the trainer, he is going to put me on a nutrition plan, and I am hoping that will keep me going down the scale.

By the way, I am tracking my progress on weight loss and inches is being kept at You can see my profile here.

Week 3 Weigh In

27 01 2008