pinched to death

21 02 2008

Today wasn’t fun. I was put through a litany of different types of measurements. And if measurements weren’t enough or different strength tests, Ian pulled out a blast from elementary school past. I learned today that calipers are not for measuring but for torture. I was pinched so many times today. Anyhow, I will find my body fat percentage next Tuesday, but I am thinking about stopping by our local university to get a true under water test. I’ll keep you posted.

Right when I thought I was done, he looked at is watch and said “We still have 12 minutes!” Then he sent me through a series crazy workouts that kicked my butt. It was pretty dang awesome.


taking it to the next level

18 02 2008

Today I signed a contract for a personal trainer for 3 months. I decided to go with Fitness Together. They offer one on one training in your own private suite. On the day I met with them, Ian kicked my butt and had me sore for a few days. I sure hope he will continue to work me over. If you didn’t happen to see the comment, but on the same day I was having my consultation with Fitness Together, the owner Rob, left a comment on this blog stating that he would like to talk to me about helping me achieve my goals. Maybe it was coincidence and maybe not?

This Thursday I will get a full litany of body measurements that will be used to track my performance over the next 3 months. They will overhaul my diet. They will give me a 2x a day stretching plan. They will provide me with “homework” for an extra day of strength training. I am really hoping that this will take my weight loss and overall health to the next level. So for the next 3 months, my weeks will look like:

Sunday : Run
Monday: Run
Tuesday: Strength Train w/ Personal Trainer
Wednesday: Day Off
Thursday: Strength Train w/ Personal Trainer
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run & Strength Train

All I can say is….. ouch.

Goodbye 250….. 240 here I come

16 02 2008

This morning my wife and I hit the trails at a pretty cool park we have here in town. I didn’t feel up to working out today. I felt pretty discouraged from a past week of rough runs. Anyhow, my wife and I derived a plan of allowing there other person a 5 second head start and then we would sprint until we caught the person who had the head start. Make since? It was a great way for my wife to kick my butt, and she did. It was a type of speed work and it was very enjoyable. We ran around 3.5 miles in total.

On our way home from the run, the wife wanted to weigh in. I didn’t. I knew it was Saturday, and we usually weigh in today, however, I was pretty sure I gained this week. I asked if we could postpone our weigh in till tomorrow. She didn’t budge. I stepped on the scale, figuring at least a gain of a pound, but not this week. I weighed in at 248.7! I lost 2.1 lbs! I am so excited right now I could eat a whole pizza…. that’s probably not the best of ideas. I will stick with a protein shake.

Next weight in my sights is 240!

so you had a bad day… (la la la)

12 02 2008

I’m taking a break from studying. I think I may pull an all nighter. I got a big test tomorrow in my Bio Psych class.

Today was not a good day for running. I am sure most people have them. This morning we woke up early, hit the gym about 5:50 am, and went straight to the treadmill. After the first mile, I started feeling a bit dizzy. I tried to push through it, but ended up in the bathroom minutes later, losing the orange I had eaten previously. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to 3 miles. Tomorrow is a day or rest, hopefully Wednesday will look better.

a busy week, ending in some weight loss

10 02 2008

My schedule is definety getting hectic, but unlike my blog postings, my workouts haven’t been skipped. A small rundown of last week:

  1. Ran 2.5 miles 4 times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)
  2. Strength Training on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday’s workouts were with a personal trainer. I think I will be hiring Tuesday’s trainer on a permanent, twice a week, schedule.
  3. Went Long Boarding on Friday for a few miles
  4. Helped my Aunt Move into an upstairs apartment.


So today, I weighed in today. As you can see, I lost .9lbs. Not really what I wanted or expected, but it was a loss none the less. Also, I lost 2.5 inches this past week. Once I start with the trainer, he is going to put me on a nutrition plan, and I am hoping that will keep me going down the scale.

By the way, I am tracking my progress on weight loss and inches is being kept at You can see my profile here.


4 02 2008

this morning when running 2.5 miles, all I kept telling myself is that by the time the marathon comes, I will have trained with a 50 lb. tire around my waist.

week 5

3 02 2008

Okay… enough crying. So I didn’t lose weight this back week. I wasn’t expecting an 60lb January. I am in this for the duration of the year.

This week we are scheduled to run 2.5 miles, 4 times, yoga twice, and I am going snowshoeing again on Friday. But with the encouragement of my wife, I am taking the next step in my battle to rid myself of my fat shell. This week I will be making appointments to see 4 different personal trainers and figure out which one I will be seeing on a regular basis. Here are the four in question:

  1. Fitness Together
  2. Fit Trainer 1on1
  3. Tranzform
  4. Velocity Sports Performance